This series is the longest running in Netflix history and it says goodbye at the end of April

Grace and Frankie About to withdraw. The longest-running series on Netflix ends at the end of April, after seven seasons and 94 episodes. An eventful final season with a luxurious guest star, singer Dolly Parton.

In its seventh and final season, Grace and Frankie I became longest chain of Netflix. It will include 94 episodes when it ends at the end of April. The series that started in 2015 on the streaming platform gathers together luxury casting with Jane Fonda And the Lily TomlinAnd the Says The story of two opposing women who will get closer and even live together when they learn that their husbands love each other and want to marry. In seven seasons, fans received many strange stories told with humor. If the series continues for a long time, it is also due to the relationship between Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston in the roles of Robert and Sol, who form a gay couple of a certain age, which is very rare on television, and for the rest. A highly successful cast with John Diane Raphael, Brooklyn Decker, Ethan Embry and Baron Vaughn.

creators of Grace and Frankie Trust the end of the Netflix series

Towards the end of the series, the creators of Grace and Frankieand Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris at US site Entertainment Weekly. “What I will miss the most about this series is the family we were in.says Marta Kaufmann, known for being a creator friends. We had a great group of people, great staff, great writers, great crewOn the fact that Grace and Frankie be there Netflix’s longest-running seriesOn his part, Howard J. Morris: “Our representatives were already over 70 years old when we started. (…) Do you add Pandemic and 94 episodes? So I guess it’s almost a miracle“.

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Why Grace and Frankie It also attracts a small audience on Netflix

with the end Grace and Frankie Looming in a few weeks, Marta Kaufman took the opportunity to present Series review. “She has always been focused on starting over at any point in her life. I think hope has always been central and that’s why younger audiences really embraced the show.The last episodes of Grace and Frankie It will be available at Netflix April 29.

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