This series is #1 in the US but is struggling to take off in France

If you like news stories, even sordid ones, this series is for you! Moreover, Americans understood it well and many were waiting for this series to return for its third season. In France, popularity is less strong.

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Season 3 of Catching the killers Obviously, it makes Netflix subscribers happy. In France, the documentary series is in tenth place in the top 10 most watched series at the moment on the streaming platform. in the United States of America, Catching the killers She is a real hit ever sinceIt has held the top spot in the rankings since its release On June 23rd. To think that North American audiences are especially fond of these sordid news stories since in Canada the series is also #1! This success is undoubtedly explained by the fact that the series is American, and the stories told here took place in the United States, thus influencing the local population and perhaps also, by extension, its Canadian neighbours.

Catching the killers : 75% recommended on Netflix France

The French public is necessarily less affected by these instances even if many of them on social networks praise the series’ creepy quality. “The excellent series Catching Killers is back for Season 3, and it still has archival footage, often poignant testimonies from ex-cops or FBI agents, and often very well known cases.”writes a French spectator. On Netflix, the series is 75% recommended. On IMDb, viewers gave Catching the killers Score 6.6/10.

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Catching the killers : The fourth most watched series in the world last week

Be that as it may, and despite the “caution” of the French public, Catching the killers He can break records in the coming days and win at the top of the table. Within five days, the series had already accumulated 9.6 million hours of viewing, making it the fourth most watched English series in the world last week, after the sixth season of black mirrorSeason 4 of my first times But also the second season of our planetwhich, for once, went unnoticed in France.

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