This series has been a real hit on Netflix

The new season of Alice in Borderland is a real hit. Is it enough to make a season 3 of the series?

Netflix’s successes don’t always come from Hollywood. With the firm intention of imposing itself in salons all over the world, Reed Hastings launched a few years ago producing a non-English speaking series. darkAnd the thermos or Squid gameN rouge multiplies local projects to attract a new audience. A strategy that clearly paid off as the three aforementioned productions are among her greatest successes.

In Japan, it is Alice in Borderland which looks like a juggernaut. Unveiled in 2020 to the public, it has yet to be a hit in its first season. But output Squid game The spotlight is once again on this Japanese nugget, who returned a few days ago in a second series of episodes. Since December 22, fans can discover the rest of Arisu’s adventures.

Many of them have embarked on this show according to the stats shared by Netflix. The platform has just announced that it is the most popular Japanese series to date. In its first four days on Netflix, the series was watched by no less than 61.2 million hours worldwide.

It also rose to number one among the most popular series in 90 countries, including France. It is almost as good as Squid gamewhich peaked at 63 million watch hours in its first week.

Season 3?

It seems that the adventure is over for our hero. After sixteen episodes of the killer game, the final chapter feels like goodbye. In the face of this international success, however, Netflix could look for a way to expand the experience. The manga series based on the series has quite a few spin-offs, which could be fertile ground for a sequel or spin-off.

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Nothing has been formalized at the moment, it will probably be necessary to wait a few months before learning more. It is likely that the platform will first assess the success of the chain before making a decision. In the meantime, fans can already rewatch the first two seasons Netflix.

For those still undecided, the series is a survival re-readAlice in Wonderland. The series revolves around a lost gamer and two friends who find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they are forced to participate in a series of sadistic games in order to survive.

The series will probably get talked about a lot during the coffee break at the start of the school year. Today it remains No. 1 in the Netflix series ranking in France.

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