This scary movie amazed subscribers and even Tom Cruise could not resist it

Available since February 2023 on Netflix, this movie has achieved the feat of overtaking Tom Cruise and winning the first place at the top of the platform. Discover or rediscover this British feature film, a true horror film.

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We can say that this Netflix movie caused quite a stir among subscribers. Better yet, Tom Cruise was overshadowed! Almost literally. Coming to Netflix on February 22nd, in their shadowa British feature-length horror film, made its self-proclaimed No. 1 of the Top 10, stealing a place Mission Impossible Falloutwith Tom Cruise. We follow the story of Neve, who lives in a quiet suburb with her family. But one day, she starts seeing things that other people don’t seem to see. In particular, you see a man and a woman with a strange attitude. When she talks about it to those around her, no one believes her. This movie is directed by Nathaniel Martello White, in the same vein Get out And weAnd by Jordan Peele, particularly for its depiction of quiet suburbia and the racial dynamics that exist there.

in their shadowA movie based on a true story

The movie is based on a true story. The director explained that his mother once told him the story of a woman who denied the skin color of her children. “This woman was mixed-race so her two children were light-skinned. It struck me how complex these situations were.”, did he say. Nathaniel Martello-White was also inspired by the life of his mestizo mother to write the film in their shadow. “She was telling me about her experiences as a Métis woman and how she was at the crossroads between different cultures and social classes. According to her, she was sometimes seen as white and that was a change in the way she was treated by others. After that, there were also these petty outrages, These offensive actions and gestures she suffered in parallel.

Actresses already known on Netflix

To play in this Netflix movie, the director chose to cast Ashley Madekwe, who is known for her role as Ashley Davenport in revenge Or for her embodiment of Detective Eudora Patch in Umbrella Academy. to in their shadow, She plays the main character, Nevi. It is worth noting that she gives the response to the British actress Bucky Bakray, who we can also see in the series you do not know mein 2021, also available on Netflix.

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