This scam must be avoided at all costs.

Hackers trick their victims by posing as a package delivery service.

New scam claiming victims. After being alerted by a reader, we were able to consult a scam email, including several links that appear to launch malware installation on your device.

It looks like a typical phishing scam. The recipient receives an email in English from a supposed delivery service based in Canada. The email includes various information such as the serial number, the date it was sent, and the country of origin of the package. It also states the name of the recipient in the same way as his e-mail address.

Regulars won’t get it wrong: it’s fake. The email in question encourages an Internet user to “confirm delivery address” for a package intended for him, by clicking on a link contained in the email. The problem is that by clicking almost anywhere in the email, the user is sent to a fraudulent site that inadvertently installs malware on their device.

Several elements make it possible to realize this rather quickly: the austere presentation, the absence of legal information about the company responsible for delivery and the absence of information about the sender. For people who are not used to this kind of scam, it is possible for them to fall into the trap.

Where this campaign is particularly dangerous, this type of fraud has traditionally been limited to extorting personal information from victims. In this case, a malware infects their device without their knowledge. A little gift that is hard to throw away…

Therefore, you should be more careful than ever with the emails you receive, especially when they come from senders you don’t know.

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