This romantic comedy with Meryl Streep is leaving Netflix soon!

Attention all fans of romantic comedies and Meryl Streep. You only have a few days left to discover a movie on Netflix that combines your passions!

The Netflix catalog will be brightened with many content on May 31st. It is among the works that can no longer be accessed on the platform Not so simpleRomantic comedy starring Meryl Streep opposite Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. His plan? Divorced for ten years, Jane and Jake meet again for their son’s graduation. But things change between them and they end up spending the night together, which was not planned at all. Especially since both of them have rebuilt their lives.

This 2009 movie was directed by Nancy Meyers after many big successes in cinema. The one who is also a screenwriter and producer made an impression in 1998 with four of us Where Lindsay Lohan played twins growing apart who accidentally find themselves at a vacation center. Other successes of the director: What do women want (2000) with Mel Gibson who can magically hear all the thoughts of the women around him, Anything can happen (2003) about a record company executive who only dates young women until the day he falls in love with his last girlfriend’s mother or until Holiday (2006) features two women, one British and one American, who swap homes for a vacation in order to recover from heartbreak.

She[Nancy Meyers, Editor’s Note]tapped into something profound about families who have gone through divorce…or someone who has been abandoned by someone they love (..) They (the main characters, Editor’s Note) are so funny and inventive that I love them both. Not only are they funny, they’re willing to show off, which isn’t always easy. Steve has a very graceful presence and Alec (…) is like a great magnet as he pulls you into his magical sphere.” Meryl Streep was captured in January 2010 news shopper about this movie Not so simple.

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