This rare hot rod is being sold at auction for over €300,000

This hot rod is not like an ordinary car. Designed as a crossover with a supercar and style from Chrysler, it’s worth a small fortune.

The recent actions from auction house Mecum Auctions were certainly surprising. After introducing an extremely rare Corvette racing car from the ’60s and a unique go-kart model based on the Chevrolet Corvette GTP chassis from the ’80s, it’s back with hot rod It is valued at more than 300,000 euros at its auction in May. Expensive, this rare authenticity car comes from well-known American designer Chip Foose.

In the world of American cars, this designer is an exception. He became famous thanks to his TV series Repair (Synthesis lords in French) and was able to specialize in Restoration of old cars. A fairly classic US concept, but made by the designer thanks to the creations, each one crazier than the next… including this hot rod.

A cross between a hot rod, a supercar, and a Chrysler

From old Bel Airs to Jaguar E-Types, not a few cars have passed through Chip Foose’s hands. Of all his projects, Hot rod to be auctioned off You may stand out from others. This is thehemivir, a unique car model in the world. Its designer describes it himself “The culmination of a personal dream”. The idea arose in the mind of his man in the early nineties, when he was still attending classes atPasadena College of Art Designin ca.

And so this car began as a file Graduation Project Sponsored by Chrysler. Chip Foose initially wanted to make it a mix between a supercar, a custom car, and a hot rod. In the end, that first sketch never came to fruition – no trace of it remains. It was only a few years later, in 2005, that the designer really got down to business building his supercar.

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485 horsepower under the hood

In 2006, once the hot rod was finalized, the designer presented it for the first time in two versions at Seema show. The show fits perfectly with its creation, as it brings together the most deviant creations possible and imaginable from the automotive world. The model won and construction of the plant began. Only five copies were produced, making it a car great rarity.

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After 2006 and sell Five hot rodsNo trace of these vehicles has ever been found…until 2023. Mecum Auctions has, quite unexpectedly, updated this very special vehicle. According to the advertisement, it is Fourth of the Five Hemisfear Built in 2006. Completely renovated in 2011 with designer approval. In terms of performance, it develops 485 horsepower. On the other hand, it costs a small fortune.

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