This pub offers you beer if you go there… but it doesn’t win!

good luck

You have to walk for two days to reach The Old Forge, which is known to be the most isolated in England.

Enjoy Beer Free during stay Scotland, the proposition sounds enticing… but you still have to get there! Because that’s what The Old Forge offers, a Bar Located in the small village of Inverness from July 1st. Good to know: This establishment has been named the most isolated pub in the UK Guinness Book of RecordsMentioned The Independent.

To get there, you have to walk for not less than two days… two days. Patti can also be reached by sea from Mallaik village. Then 13 kilometers have to be covered. A journey that is impossible but requires patience, courage and determination!

“You really want a pint”

After the effort, solace? Absolutely not! Because when you get to the pub, you’re asked a magic word before you’re (finally) offered a free beer. The latter is none other than “wiggle” or “gicoder” in French, note Slate. It is the name of a sports brand that a local brewery has teamed up with to create a beer called “La Trail”. A drink that can only be enjoyed at The Old Forge.

Adventurers can enjoy two free trail bottles per person, while supplies last. And according to a journalist Guardian, meeting the challenge is not really easy. “You really need a pint to walk to Old Forge,” he says, “and even finding the start of the trail takes a lot of effort.” The man tried his luck last year and his knees still remember it.

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