This post-apo animated series will hit your screens in May on Netflix (New in 2023)

We just learned that big mouth You’re going to bow out in Season 8 and that HR Returning for an exciting second season this coming June, a new adults-only animated series is about to explode on your screens.

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Mulligan: The Idiots Post-Apo Series

Black humor lovers, your radars might already be turned on because mulligan You will saturate your peepers. This political satire comes straight from the very sharp minds of Robert Carlock and Sam Means (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)It will denounce human stupidity in all its glory. The first trailer just released by Netflix gives us a pretty good overview and it looks particularly sharp:

In this satirical comedy, Earth has been destroyed by aliens. Will the survivors be able to rebuild a more united world on the ruins of America?

Good sound cast

The series will (so to speak) feature a gallery of characters who are all as crazy as each other.

So, Nat Faxon, Chrissy TeigenAnd Tina FeyAnd Sam RichardsonAnd Dana Carvey And Phil LaMarr They will lend their voice to this band of merry guys along with guest stars like Daniel Radcliffe, Ayo Edeberry, Ronnie Cheng or even Kevin Michael Richardson.

mulligan Netflix - Mulligan: This post-apo animated series will hit your screens in May on Netflix (new in 2023)

Nat Paxton (Mattie Mulligan), Lucy Swan (Chrissy Teigen), Senator Cartwright (Dana Carvey), foreign military general Axatrax (Phil LaMarr), Simon Priollo (Sam Richardson) and Dr. Farrah Brown (Tina Fey).

When will the first season of ‘Mulligan’ be released on Netflix?

mulligan It will land exclusively on Netflix from Fri, May 12, 2023 at 9:01 am

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On the same day, the subscribers of the platform will be spoiled for choice and will certainly have to make difficult choices between the second season of new school, Excitement the mom Worn by Jennifer Lopez or even a futuristic South Korean dystopia black knight

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