This physiotherapist claims that she cannot be vaccinated and is forced to discontinue her activity

Karen explains that she cannot be vaccinated. She doesn’t want it to spread, and she calls for medical confidentiality, but says she doesn’t fit into any box provided by the regional health agency. “Because of my medical history, I can’t get the vaccine. ARs has set a very strict framework regarding vaccination. And I do not belong to this framework. There is a very specific menu. In my case it does not correspond to these rare diseases. There is a dead end. Not listed“.

Karen Joubert takes note of the situation and leaves her office in Saint-Jean-Solimio on the evening of September 14. A company that I launched last June with a young colleague, with the support of the city council, who renovated a room for 20 thousand euros.

This Friday, the practice will be closed permanently, in the cessation of activity. A blow to this project, to life and activism in the village, and to the patients who followed Karen from her former clinic in Montbri├žon: “There was a lot of emotion on the part of the patients. They do not understand. They’ve seen me in action: From the start I’ve always taken a lot of precautions. I didn’t underestimate this at all. I can see the effect the virus can have. There is a misunderstanding of what is going on“.

After 26 years of physical therapy, Karen hung on the gown, without anger, but with sadness. “I don’t blame anyone. I don’t think it is easy politically at the moment to run a country when something like this happens. And it’s not through anyone’s resentment that this will fix things. On the other hand, I really, honestly think that with something like this, we can grow by helping each other, by listening to each other, by trying to find solutions together. In fact, this is not what happens“.

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Karen is in the process of setting up her own corporate training company to manage stress and emotions in the workplace.

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