This new Netflix series, which is a mix of Glee and Elite, will be your next obsession

The new series the rebel Streaming on Netflix since January 5, 2022, it will appeal to fans of music shows such as cheerful where High School MusicalBut also for those who worship secrets like elite.

the rebel a long series Very popular Mexican in the early 2000s, was originally a Reboot for teenagers from an Argentine show that aired a few years ago. Here is everything you want to know!

‘s story the rebel

For its 2022 edition, we met students of the prestigious Elite Way School of Music (EWS) who would like to form a group to win a music competition.

A mysterious intrigue mingles when an unknown group dubbed “The Lodge” He persecutes students and threatens to spoil their dreams.

actors the rebel

Azul Guetta as Jana Gandia Cohen

Jana is already a famous pop star and her mother is her manager. She is trying to become a more serious artist by studying at EWS.

Franco Masini as Luca Colucci

Luca is a young Argentine who dreams of becoming a musician. Fans of the original series will recognize the last name, Colucci, as it is an important family name on the show.

Giovanna Grigio as Emilia Allo

Emilia is the most popular girl in school and everyone adores her for her quirky and always trendy dress style.

Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban Torres

Estebán is a talented musician who received a scholarship to study at EWS. Before that, he refused another scholarship to a prestigious school of classical music.

Andrea Chaparro as Maria Jose Seville (MJ)

MJ grew up in California in a very religious family, but she moved back to Mexico to be able to study at EWS.

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Jerónimo Cantillo dans le rôle de Guillermo Álvarez (Dixon)

Guillermo, aka Dixon, is a talented rapper who, in addition to mastering the art of Bitboxing. He is of Colombian descent.

Liseth Celine as Andrea Agusti (Andy)

Andy is “the drummer” Collection. She enlisted in EWS in an effort to get away from her mean mother and stepfather.

Alejandro Puente Dianes Le Roll – Sebastian Langarica (Sebas)

Sebas is one of the most famous students of EWS. He is in a relationship with Jana, but seems to have a history with Emilia.

trailer for the rebel

The trailer revealed in December 2021 promises exciting musical numbers, but also sharper scenes and plot that will likely make us see all the colors.

The eight episodes have been streamed on Netflix since January 5, 2022. Enjoy watching!

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