This new malware on the Mac allows hackers to take screenshots

Apple just released macOS Big Sur 11.4 update, which fixes a bug in particular Zero day Detected by XCSSET malware scanning. User can take screenshots without asking permission.

After only one month of existence Correction of a previous defect In its OS, Apple has just released a new update to face the Malware. Susceptibility Zero day Allowed prof Request To pretend to be someone else, thus obtaining permissions without prompting the user.

The error was detected by Jamf Through analysis le malware XCSSET, first discovered in 2020 by Trend Micro. This program targets Apple developers in order to infect their applications which will then be distributed to users. Then it takes advantage of two weaknesses Zero day To steal cookies in Safari to access user accounts and to install a development version of Safari. Malware is still in active development and has been adapted for new devices with microprocessors. M 1.

disadvantage ” Zero day Clicked to take screenshots

XCSSET also uses a third vulnerability Zero day Takes A screen shot. To access this function, a program on macOS must normally ask the user for permission. To get around this hurdle, malware checks for apps that actually have these permissions, like Zoom in. It then puts its code inside the legitimate app, thus inheriting access to A screen shot Without having to ask for it.

The scanned version of the malware is limited to screenshots, but it can easily access your microphone and webcam in the same way. an Apple Fix this new bug in macOS Big Sur 11.4 update released yesterday. So remember to check it out Your Mac Until now.

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