This Netflix star challenges you to start this series

This famous star recommends to watch this series that has just been released on Netflix. You definitely won’t be able to stop if you start reading it! cap for the test?

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Today is Friday and you know what that means! Netflix is ​​full of new features including the second season of Bling Empire : a reality show that follows a group of Asians and Asian Americans To have more and more fun, between party and sparkle. On the series side, subscribers can discover Lincoln’s defense Which may appeal to fans scandal oranatomy scandal. Got it, we stay in the drama! Finally, Netflix is ​​also streaming the feature film Graduation Year This Friday, May 13th, and his plan will make you want to: “The cheerleader wakes up from a 20-year coma and returns to high school in an attempt to regain her spot and win the prom crown that eluded her.” If the broadcast giant added it Lots of new shows to discover this weekendThere is no arguing the dismissal of the series, which was released a few days ago. This series, available since May 5 in the catalog, is recommended even by the famous actor: Bill Skarsgård himself!

Clark On Netflix with Bill Skarsgård: What is it about?

Clark is a series based on the autobiography of Clark Olofson, the man who inspired what is now known as Stockholm Syndrome. After lending his features to Bill Skarsgård’s terrifying clown Pennywise… who – which And its sequel, Bill Skarsgård embodies the Swedish criminal. If he is the origin of many crimes, robberies, or attempted murders, you should know that his story is not told like a classic criminal history. Serial Ringtone Funny and full of sarcasmThis, in particular, convinced surfers, as they explained on Twitter.

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Bill Skarsgård challenges viewers to watch the intoxicating series he stars in

For his part, Bill Skarsgård admitted to Radio Times They immediately approved the project What was offered: “Once I read his Wikipedia page, I wondered how anyone could be involved in so many things in one life! Like Stockholm Syndrome, it’s obviously something everyone knows, and it’s crazy to let him be the creator. So I was like, ‘How can you even begin to tell this story? Because there is so much to say.” However, he loves the experience he had alongside director Jonas Okerlund. for his eyes Clark He has something special, that’s why He challenges all viewers to watch the series without getting addicted to it : “I dare you to watch it and I don’t think you will get bored. Once you start this thing it will be hard to let go. That was one of our main goals in this project.” So, are you ready to take on the challenge?

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