This Netflix-inspired ‘The Office’ parody of ‘You’ is so accurate

The Office is still one of the most popular sitcoms. It spanned 9 seasons from 2005 to 2013. Although 8 long years have passed since the sitcom aired in 2013, it was watched repeatedly by viewers and made one of the hits. It was shown on Netflix. Now a parody has been uploaded to YouTube which is a tribute to the Netflix it shows. In the clip, we see Dwight Schrute, who has entertained audiences with his quirky office-comedy style, playing Joe Goldberg as the troubled hero in “You.”

The video has exceeded 2 caves of views and is appreciated by a large part of the audience. It was uploaded with the description saying “He’s just the cute boy next door”. From the very different minds of the creators of ‘You’ on Netflix comes a similar scam in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With Dwight Schrute as Joe Goldberg, the hardworking salesman is determined to get what he deserves: the heart of his innocent and adorable classmate Angela.

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A warm applause to the editors for having thought of such an idea as they tried to combine two people with two very contrasting personalities. It was surprising and funny to watch Dwight Schrute play a role similar to Joe Goldberg and develop a very dangerous obsession with Angela like himself.

The comment section was filled with people praising the parody. People went on to say that while they were hoping for Michael and Ryan, it was also pretty cool. Then another praised the editors that this trailer shows you can tweak just about anything you want. Then another request for an increase in the editor’s salary.

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