This must-eat food will ensure you have iron health throughout fall and winter

When the seasons change, it is not uncommon to see immune system weaken. Between fluctuations in temperature, lack of light or the stress of everyday life, our shape can be tested and we must take care of ourselves so as not to see our energy drop to zero.

To do this, we can especially rely on Superfoods Which will serve as natural remedies for many diseases. Among these, HoneyIt is acclaimed since the dawn of history for its therapeutic functions.

Why do we consume honey every day?

big recovery In the event of stagnation or decline in the diet, this sweet-tasting nectar is especially rich fructosegiving you an almost instant energy boost. As shown Health JournalismWhen the liver absorbs fructose, it then turns into glucose, which is “Our cells require it as a source of energy”. So a few spoons of honey is enough to allow the body to recharge its batteries.

Thanks to the healthy bacteria it contains, Honey is also particularly beneficial for gut health. It helps digestion and prevents infections.

adjectives Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic Honey makes it a preferred ally in case of a viral infection, cough or sore throat.

Honey is also popular improve cognitive functionand stimulating memory. That’s even the result of a very serious study: After consuming honey daily for eight weeks, elderly participants saw their memory improve dramatically. Other research revealed that honey can help reduce inflammation in the brain, a major factor in age-related cognitive decline.

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