This mother goes on a “home strike” to raise awareness about stress

On March 15, the wife and three mothers decided to start A test On Twitter. “Miss Botkin” (His nickname on the social network) likes Make your family react By stopping to look after the work around the house. Very quickly his house becomes one Big mess. Food is piling up, whole trash cans are not coming down, there is no toilet paper, piles of dirty clothes are piling up in the rooms.

He describes all stages of his strike to his 21,000 Twitter followers. This is only the end 4th day This “maid strike” The father decides to start a dishwasher, Take out the trash, collect laundry and buy toilet paper.

“Miss Bodkin” has received hundreds of thousands of likes and testimonials from affected women Infection and teleworking are a very heavy mental burden in these times.

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