This Japanese tip is very successful in losing weight!

Sushi Slim: How to Keep a Line Japanese Style Marabout is a book by Makio Sano, a Japanese chef, author, and educator who specializes in creating healthy Japanese cuisine. In her book, she explores the success of slimming down among the Japanese to create recipes that allow you to take care of your body from the plate.

What is the sushi slim diet?

While answering the question “Why do Japanese women manage to stay so thin,” the author has collected about fifty recipes that will allow you to lose weight without depriving yourself. But what exactly is the Sushi Slim Diet? More specifically, the idea simply amounts to applying many of the keys to the Japanese diet. We are talking specifically about controlling portions, minimizing some products such as meat for example, preferring a light dinner, eating with chopsticks, etc. And when we master these keys, we can more easily control our calorie intake and thus more easily achieve our weight loss quest goals.

How to apply the sushi slim diet?

The idea is to include one Japanese meal per day in his regular diet. It’s not a matter of making cucumber maki rolls and then eating them every day, quite the opposite. Learning Japanese cuisine also makes it possible to connect (…]

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