This item published by Microsoft can finally boost Windows 11 ARM

Microsoft announced the rollout of ARM64EC support on Windows 11 ARM. We hope that this novelty will encourage developers to better optimize their applications for the operating system, making it more efficient.

Windows 11 ARM could gain agility with new ARM64EC support // Source: Microsoft

it’s done. Microsoft Posted on Windows 11 ARM to supportARM64EC. This new feature allows applications to run in a hybrid manner, combining ARM code that runs locally, and x64 code that runs through emulation. Thus, it is possible to run most applications on ARM code, in native mode, while emulating certain extensions or functions in x64.

For Windows 11 ARM, adding this support seems messy because it will allow developers to migrate their apps more and more easily to the ARM architecture, but they immediately get a real benefit in terms of performance, and highlights Windows Central. And if the two cases are not quite the same, this solution generally allows Microsoft to offer developers a tool similar to Rosetta 2, the ARM conversion tool that Apple launched with the first Macs under the M1 processors.

A tool that can help enhance the attractiveness of Windows 11 ARM

With the ARM64EC, you can choose to start small and build incrementally. You can select the part of your codebase that will benefit the most from the original performance and rebuild it in ARM64ECMicrosoft explains in a file Blog post Intended for developers.

The rest of the application will still be fully functional as emulated x64 code, but the recompiled ARM64EC parts will now have native speed. Over time, you can recompile more of the application to ARM64EC to improve performance and preserve battery life for application clients.“.

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By deploying support for ARM64EC on Windows 11 ARM, Microsoft hopes to significantly increase the operating system’s attractiveness to developers. This conversion method provides developers with a tangible solution to make converting their applications to ARM profitable more quickly.

So it should encourage more developers and publishers to create or modify applications that properly exploit the ARM chips used specifically by The computer is always online Or on certain devices like the Surface Pro X. From there to imagine that Microsoft will soon catch up with Apple, there is only one step.

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