This is the main actress who didn’t like the ending of the series

while lovers squirting queen Consolidating herself after the series’ finale, actress Carolina Ramirez revealed that she doesn’t like the telenovela’s finale. Find out why!

Real success in Colombia, Netflix She decided to buy the rights to broadcast telenovela on its platform. Held by actress Carolina Ramirez, the series revolves around a talented singer, eager to avenge her family after she wrongly served 17 years in prison. Love, betrayal, music… all ingredients are there to captivate viewers. after release, squirting queen It was placed directly in the top 10 most watched content on Netflix. Despite the success, the series ends at the end of the second season. But, it seems that The main actress is not happy with the last episode.

I would change a lot of things

Attention spoilers! Despite Yeimy’s feelings for Juancho, the musician knows he is not the man of her life. They say goodbye to each other and pledge to always support each other. For his part, Charlie decided to go to Japan to see his daughter Vanessa married to Betty. While he is about to leave, Yeimy joins him in his apartment and decides to give him a passionate kiss. One way is to show her that she has chosen him. The final episode ends with the couple Yeimy and Charly returning, while Juancho tries his luck with Daniela. But this conclusion did not seem to please the translator Yeimy, and she announced it on her Instagram account. “I was going to change a lot of things, but the story wasn’t mine. The only thing I knew was that Mannin would come back, but it never occurred to me in my life that they would exonerate Charlie.”, before adding:I think this ending, this new kidnapping was too much. I think the story could have ended another way, even with one last party.”. In addition, she wished her character would end up without a partner by her side. Despite everything, the actress admitted that Charlie’s redemption was an overwhelming moment, for someone who has been presented as the villain since the beginning of the series. Unfortunately, fans will not know more about the future of Charlie and Yemi. The telenovela has not been renewed for season 3.

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There is no season 3 for squirting queen

After 171 episodes, squirting queen It will not return to our screens. Via social media, a fan posed the question to actress Carolina Ramirez: “Friends It’s 10 seasons and I’ve never been bored. Telemundo has a lot of epic stories. Not now, but later you might consider doing a third season of squirting queen?A question that the lead actress quickly answered:Most friends It is a comedy…this drama is no longer bankable. Yeimy has exhausted his seven livesThis is enough to stop the rumors about the third season of the telenovela.

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