This is a huge star that Jenna Ortega wants to invite in Wednesday’s sequel

a star Wednesday She can’t wait to return for the second season of the hit series…but she’d love to do it even more, accompanied by a big star, of whom she is a fan.

To anyone worried, rest assured, Wednesday It has been officially renewed for a second season. The news was accompanied by a video promising more “torture”. It remains only to be patient to discover the rest of the adventures of the heroine of the Nevermore Academy.

A global star in the second season of Wednesday?

Younger actress Gina Ortega is more popular than yesterday, and she also has her own favorite co-stars with whom she would love to share the screen.

Present at the Golden Globe Awards, in Beverly Hills, translator Wednesday She talked about the Netflix series sequel and her admiration for the amazing singer and actress who is none other than… Queen Lady Gaga. into a microphone varietyShe winks at the show’s producers, expressing her desire to have Lady Gaga next to her next season, and specifies that “Netflix will love it”. “If Lady Gaga is going to be a part of it, they must be two monsters who understand each other.”and adds.

If her dream was shared by all viewers of the series, she nevertheless insisted on specifying that she had no contact with the singer and was not, at the moment, aware of anything about the second season of the series. Wednesday.


Lady Gaga is also a fan of Gina Ortega

But this admiration is far from one-sided. Lady Gaga is also a fan of the 20-year-old actress. She even took part in a TikTok trend, covering the famous ballroom dance Wednesday. Forged in a gothic style, it lends itself to the game, imitating the Addams girl in her own song, “Bloody Mary.” The video has now exceeded 12 million views.

@lady gaga

Bloody Wednesday #fyp

♬ original sound – heyy

Tik Tok

The feedback was instant. For example, netizens called Gaga “Wednesday’s Mother”. The singer would be perfect in this role.

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