This illegal script allows piracy of movies and series

Computer security is a game – not to be taken lightly…but that’s not absolute. The security of the system continues until someone can crack it. This applies to all programs without distinction. Including video encoding videos on Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV +.

These three platforms use a content encryption system called Widevine. The security of the latter had already been compromised in the past. At that time, in fact, several different forms of the standard existed to increase compatibility, allowing Widevine to function properly even on older smartphones.

Hacker releases source code to exploit to hack Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+

Since then, platforms have restricted the number of variations of the standard, and now require the use of a modern smartphone or computer to be able to view software. However, a hacker, calling himself Widevinedumb, managed to crack the security of existing Widevine encryption variants.

And just to put both feet in the dish, the pirate uploaded the source code for his exploits. The source code is incomplete, because hackers charge for the most interesting part of the code, which is the CDM module that decodes the contents. Of course, using this script is completely illegal.

This has not stopped many Internet users from downloading it. However, neither Netflix nor other platforms using Widevine have any reason to shake. By posting the source code to exploit, the hacker already demonstrates how to quickly patch the flaw and put an end to the problem.

We can also regret that instead of publishing the source code to exploit while making the set-top box paid, the hacker didn’t like to warn Netflix upstream to give his teams time to fix the problem.

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Because by publishing this 100% illegal text, the hacker actually spoiled the company developers vacations, who will have to work a few extra hours to put an end to the problem very quickly…

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