This garment prevents security cameras from identifying you

Using infrared LEDs, the “Camera-Shy Hoodie” allows the wearer to dazzle night vision surveillance cameras. Unable to identify the person!

After the ugly sweater that drives people recognition systems crazy, here’s the hoodie that blinds them. Mac Pierce’s DIY “camera shy hoodie” (Do it yourself), that is, “homemade hacking”. And it works! The garment contains twelve high-power infrared LEDs. It is integrated around the hood.

Using a switch sewn into the casing, the wearer can make the LED lights blink. The sweatshirt is designed to be used at night, when the security cameras activate the optical infrared system to capture them in the dark. The stroboscopic effect of the LEDs then blocks the security camera sensors. When assaulted by light, the camera tries to compensate by abruptly adjusting the exposure to compensate, and completely loses the definition of the scene. Everything becomes unknown.

LED lights in the hood blind infrared recognition camera sensors at night. on fire. © MacPress

This jacket costs about $200. All items and components come from trade. Crafting plans and code are open to all, as the hack artist provides them as a license Creative Commons. According to the handyman, the only really subtle component was choosing the type of infrared LED. It had to be a very high performance. It is the same type of LED used in security cameras to illuminate an area in the dark.

For MacPierce, using this view is supposed to be virtuous. It is a matter of allowing people to be able to demonstrate and express an opinion without there being any repercussions for them. Previously, the designer developed the “Opt-Out Cap”, a hat that also made it possible to make the wearer unrecognizable by a camera with facial recognition.

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