This funny clever knife “sniffs out” crabs in seconds

Facilitating the diagnosis of cancers thanks to a smart scalpel, that is the iKnife promise! This device was developed byImperial College London can “smell” crabs in seconds. This approach is revolutionary and can reduce diagnosis time and facilitate patient care.

iKnife is able to detect tumortumor In tissue samples in seconds! This smart device has already proven itself breast cancercolon, or I dont knowI dont knowbut doctors from many English hospitals tested it for the first time Endometrial cancerMost common in the female reproductive system.

Detection of tumors in biopsy by smell

The iKnife looks like an electric iron but is improved byArtificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence. When a sample of tissue taken by biopsy is placed, the iKnife heats it and “smells” the vapors that are released. The latter is analyzed practically in real time by prof spectrometerspectrometer from collectivecollective. The device looks for signs of not metabolizing fats, which is a common feature of cancer cells. They need more FatsFats To ensure their metabolism and assembly of certain components of the plasma membrane with a view to their proliferation.

Over 150 endometrial biopsies, taken with the consent of patients who came for consultation if suspected Endometrial cancer, analyzed by iKnife. As a result, the device made it possible to diagnose its presence with a sensitivity of 89% almost instantly. As for the reference method which consists of analyzing a thin slice of tissue microscopemicroscope By a specialist, it takes 1-2 weeks.

iKnife is developing rapidly and we can imagine that it will be more efficient in the future for diagnosing Endometrial cancerEndometrial cancer This study is the first to test it in this context. The algorithm that interprets the results is revised with each sample analysis. If allowed a DiagnosisDiagnosis Quick, it is not without its drawbacks, the main one being that the iKnife has to heat up the cloth and thus ruin it to work. This prevents any subsequent analyzes on said sample.

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In the meantime, doctors consider it as a complementary diagnostic tool to existing methods. This would allow patients Quick first opinion Regarding the presence or absence of cancer, before confirming the diagnosis a little later. Women who test positive can then be taken care of without delay and those who test positive will be spared several days of agonizing waiting.

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