This French series with Audrey Fleurot is a real hit in 58 countries abroad

Audrey Fleurot is one of the most famous actresses in France thanks to series such as HPI or Les Compantantes, among others. The actress seems to be flattering on the outside, too. Everyone seems to agree with the French series.

French series tempt abroad

And if some French series Working a lot abroad, it’s also thanks to the streaming platform Netflix. It seems to be a real lever to highlight many French productions. Among these, we have seen, for example, Ten Percent Series We meet with great success outside France. Several adaptations of the concept of this TV show were launched after that. Better yet, let the actress Camille Cotten To develop her career in Hollywood since we have also seen her Gucci houseex.

Then there is a file thermos serieswith the actor Omar C Which starred worldwide as Asane, a man inspired by Arsene Lupine to seek revenge. So there is no doubt that French productions have nothing to envy the Americans or the Korean series that have also been very popular on Netflix for a few years.

How did Les Combattantes convince 58 countries?

Lately is the series fighters, first broadcast by TF1 and then by Netflix, which was well received by foreign viewers. Last weekend, the series with the actress Audrey Florot It rose to fifth place in the ranking of the ten most watched series in 58 countries. These include the United Kingdom and the United States.

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It is an unexpected success that only confirms the way French products seduce other countries. Therefore, Les Fightantes once again stands out as a great entertainment show. It remains to be seen if a spotlight on the French series, like Camille Cottin for example, will launch a potential career for Audrey Florot abroad, or even a career Sophia SaidiAnd Julie de Bona And Camille Low Already especially appreciated by the French public.

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