This episodic project with Bo and Cheyenne that will never see the light of day…

Since December 15, it is possible to discover the last episodes of Superstore on Netflix. If the series ends at the end of Season 6, a split with Bo and Cheyenne was initially planned…

December 15 Netflix Unveiled the final episodes of Superstore. The series worn by Ben Feldman and America Ferrera is coming to an end. Since 2015, sitcom fans have been learning about the daily lives of employees at the Cloud 9 store in Missouri. Love stories, crazy clients, a good dose of humor… all the ingredients were there for a successful series. Despite the success, NBC made the decision not to renew the series for a seventh season. Initially, However, the channel wanted to extend the fun by creating a spin-off about Cheyenne and her husband Bo. A project that should not see the light of day.

What about the spins?

Although the end SuperstoreNBC had already planned a spin-off around Bo, his wife Cheyenne, and their daughter, Harmonica. But he was not convinced. Screenwriter Bridget Kyle said: to the site Cleveland that NBC would not produce the project. “Unfortunately, NBC has informed us that they will not go ahead with the Superstore show. So she will only have to live in our hearts and on my hard diskWith this aborted project, actress Nicole Bloom (Cheyanne Thompson) bounced back quickly by incorporating ABC’s comedy pilot. A series called Maggie Who will follow a young woman who does her best to face her daily life while accepting her psychic abilities. The actress will play Louise, Maggie’s best friend (played by Rebecca Rittenhouse). Location Delivery time He describes Nicole Bloom’s character as “Funny one and ready to go“.

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There is no season 7 for Superstore

The sitcom created by Justin Spitzer will not return for season seven. NBC producers and executive producers confirmed the news in a statement:We are grateful to Universal Television and NBC for allowing us to do 113 episodes of the series we are so proud of, and for allowing us to work with such an amazing cast, writers and crew.But to end the series in style, America Ferrera is back. The actress had left the series shortly before that to devote herself to her personal life and professional projects.

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