This cult series has been a hit on Netflix for years, but its cast reveals they rarely touch anything.

On the sidelines of the actors’ strike, which kicked off Thursday, July 13, the lead actor in cult Netflix series lashed out violently, saying in passing that the actors receive almost nothing for streaming the series on the streaming service.

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After the scriptwriters, it was the cast’s turn to officially go on strike. On July 13, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), headed by Fran Drescher, ended negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the interests of major studios. Like their colleagues, the actors are demanding pay increases and safeguards against the use of artificial intelligence to replace on-screen actors. As a result, many actors have abandoned film sets and previews to protest in the streets, such as Sean Gunn.

Sean Jan from Gilmore Girls And marvel :”I have almost no income from it

On the sidelines of the casting strike is actor Sean Gunn, who played Kirk Gleeson Gilmore Girls (as well as Kraglin in the Marvel universe), confirmed by the media Hollywood Reporter That he was mad at Netflix. “I was on a TV series called Gilmore Girls for a long time and it made huge profits for Netflix. It has been one of the most popular series for a very long time, well over a decade. It airs over and over again, and I have almost no income from it.“The actor also noted that Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, co-CEOs of Netflix, give each other $10 million in bonuses,” he said.Ted Sarandos earned $40 million in bonuses which they earned from their business earnings. I don’t understand why they can’t reduce these bonuses to share more wealth with the people who created the content that made them richHe completed.

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These actors from another Netflix series take a gander at their financial situation

This statement comes days after the actress fromOrange is the new black She lifted the lid on what she really realized while starring in the hit Netflix series. “We didn’t get paid wellrevealed Kimiko Glenn, translating Brook Soso.People were still waiters and still had second jobs. They were internationally famous…but they had to hold down their second job because they couldn’t afford it.And she continued. Comments confirmed by former co-star Matt McGorry”.I kept my day job for the duration of the show because it pays better than the hit show we were on.interpreter John Bonnet revealed.

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