This care duo from a great French brand is the most moisturizing routine you can give your skin!

Want fresh, radiant skin, full of hydration with a glow that will make those around you wonder what you did? Search no more! Vichy launches the most moisturizing duo you can find at drugstores and drugstores.

It all starts with a dermatological explanation, understanding all the environmental (pollution, UV rays, climate change), behavioral (imbalanced diet, stress, tobacco, lack of sleep) and hormonal factors that attack and weaken skin on a daily basis. Thus, this symptom is responsible for accelerating skin dehydration as well as for skin aging. Based on this offering in 2016, Vichy research has been able to create formulas that anticipate the needs of each complexion and especially dehydration. Thus, in 2017, one of the brand’s best-selling products was born: the Mineral 89 Booster Serum. A real cosmetic block made up of 89% Vichy mineralized volcanic water, combined with a high dose of natural natural hyaluronic acid. The success is that a bottle is sold every 7 minutes in France.

After the boosting serum, make room for the cream!

Today, Vichy Mineral 89 is enriched with two creams: 72 hour hydration booster creamwith a difference for all skin types, and a rich second cream for normal to dry skin.

Image credit: Vichy

In its formula we find the complete hydration star for supple, fresh and radiant skin as desired: hyaluronic acid of natural origin, obtained by bacterial fermentation, to hydrate and plump the skin, and squalene of vegetable origin to firm and strengthen the cutaneous moisture barrier by recharging it with lipids that will retain water With more ease in the skin, Vichy Mineralizing Volcanic Water and its 15 minerals that help combat aggression, rebalance, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin, and finally Vitamins B3 and E to increase the production of ceramides that act as powerful antioxidants.

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So, ” The long-lasting hydration of Mineral 89 helps combat dryness caused by exposure factors that affect the barrier function. Béatriz Sant’Anna, Dechever, Scientific Director, Vichy International Laboratories. ” 16 clinical studies have enabled us to prove that Vichy Mineralizing Water can strengthen the skin’s natural defences. It enhances the antioxidant defenses, and strengthens the integrity of the skin, in particular by stimulating cell regeneration and improving the barrier function. Thus, Vichy Mineralizing Water makes the skin more resistant to urban aggressions.. »

The clinical results speak for themselves: skin is soothed for 93.8% of women, skin is nourished and moisturized for 95% of them, and skin is noticeably less irritated for 100% of women.

For best results, the perfect long-term moisturizing ritual:

  • In the morning and evening, on clean, dry skin, apply one or two pumps of Serum Mineral 89 Daily by Vichy.
  • In the morning and evening, after MINERAL 89 DAILY BOOSTER, apply Vichy Mineral 89 cream for 72-hour hydration Best suited to your skin type: classic or rich version.

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