This Burgundian embarks on “the toughest race in the world”.

Christophe Blanchard begins racing across America this Tuesday, June 13. A 4,800 kilometer race across America awaits Avallonais, which must be completed within 12 days.

This Tuesday, June 13, Christophe Blanchard embarks on one of the biggest challenges of his life. This test is Race across America, a 4,800 kilometer cycling race. The goal is simple: quickly cross America by bike, from San Diego to Annapolis, south of Washington. If you complete the race in more than 12 days, you fail.

It is the second toughest event in the world in all sports after the Vendee Globe.

Christopher Blanchard


It is the oldest ultra-distance bicycle race in the world to date, and one of the longest. This year 40 people are participating. Avalonois will try to break the record for the fastest Frenchman at RAAM. It belongs to former Burgundian Arnaud Manzanini, who founded it in eleven days and two hours. But the target is not there. “My goal Be a finisher. It’s the holy grail of ultra-distance cycling. This is the ultimate dream. “Only 6 or 7 Frenchmen have ever finished in history.”He adds.

For this race, the father of two will have to spend more than 20 hours a day on his bike. “The idea is to sleep 2 hours a day from the second day. But it depends on the fatigue and we will adjust accordingly. I can do anything on the bike, I only stop for important stops. The aim is 400 km per day. Every stop should be optimal.”

On average, 50 to 60% of participants finish the race. There are only 4 completed years.

Christopher Blanchard


An event that requires very significant efforts, as well as thorough preparation in advance. “I was cycling for 15 to 20 hours a week. I was building muscles and doing movement on a daily basis. I put almost 25 hours a week into it with my work. . We had a lot. Meetings to prepare. A few weeks ago we did 1000km of training and it was really good. .”

He has been waiting for this match for four years. DDirector of logistics and transportation at Shiver in Burgundy, the 44-year-old is familiar with high-level sports.. “I did football and athletics at a very good level, but I had a big injury and I wasn’t allowed to practice these two sports. I was asked to cycle for rehabilitation and that’s how I fell into it. We keep pushing ourselves, always going further.”

Since then, Christophe Blanchard has multiplied exploits. In 2020, he will compete in the Tour de France, a 1,100 kilometer solo race that crosses the entire country. In 2021, he traveled 2,500 kilometers unaided. Last year, he took part in this race again, helped by a team. Unfortunately, he had to retire due to a knee injury, but these tests prepared him for his final challenge.

He will not be alone Race across America. An 11-member team monitors him daily. “There is a communication section with three health professionals, a bike maintenance section, a driver and GPS section and a medical section. There is always a three-person van in the back for emergencies, a van in the front for good and a motorhome for 300 kilometers ahead, which forms the base for the team.

It is a dream, an honor to lead a team, a common project to which each person contributes. The runner is not alone.

Christopher Blanchard


You can follow his epic Direct monitoring. His sponsors Bi1 supermarket chain and Ducet Insurance will also share his adventure on Facebook.

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