This bug in Windows allows you to control any computer!

Introduced in the latest patch of a security breach, the new zero-day exploit has been given to an attacker to regain the highest privileges on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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We know it’s essential to apply the latest Windows security updates, but sometimes the remedy is worse than evil. This is exactly the case with the latest November security update identified as CVE-2021-41379 Coming to patch a vulnerability. The latter can increase account privileges in order to control a Windows 10 PC, Windows 11 And the server. But Abdelhamid Nasri, a cybersecurity researcher, realized that with this vulnerability fixed, it was now possible to get more privileges than the original update.

By bypassing it, the Command Prompt can thus be opened with the highest level of privileges, even on a PC the account restricted to the so-called “standard” mode. This mode usually does not allow the user to install anything for security purposes.

Microsoft’s Big Bug Bonus Cut

the site Computer I tested the Malware InstallerFileTakeOver It was posted by the researcher, and it only took a few seconds to gain full privileges on a computer whose account is set to Standard mode. More than discovering this zero-day vulnerability, there is how it was detected. Contrary to practice, the researcher decided broadcast publicly Its discovery and method. He justified his gesture as a reaction to the significant reduction in premiums, known as ” an insect bounty”, awarded to Ethical hackers Which was applied by Microsoft In April 2020. Meanwhile, despite the disclosure of this flaw, Microsoft has not yet released a patch.

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