This app cuts the pain in half thanks to the music


  • Acute pain plays the role of an alarm that will allow the body to react and protect itself from mechanical, chemical or thermal stimuli.
  • If acute pain persists for more than three months, it develops into chronic pain. Then this sensation loses its meaning as a warning sign: pain is no longer a symptom but a disease.

According to a study published in Clinical Journal of PainThe Music Care app, designed by the French startup of the same name, makes it possible to reduce 50% pain patients with various chronic diseases. Encouraging results applicable in the field of toOncology, obstetrics, geriatrics, intensive care, rheumatology and neurology.

a A playlist adapted to therapeutic needs

“This digital solution relies on an algorithm to reduce and better manage pain, anxiety and sleep disturbances through music using artificial intelligence,” The designers explained in a press release.

Rich in a diverse playlist, Music Care is adapted to the patient and takes into account the musical sensitivity of each one. Thus, from the application, the patient can access a file A playlist adapted to their treatment needsAnd the In line with his treatment, fully customized according to his musical tastes.

We all have a different culture and history to listen to music that touches feelings directly. This is why important Take into account the sensitivities of each patient. The protocols identified by scientific research tell us what kind of rhythm and what kind of frequency to use. We will modify the audio parameters that have specific capabilities” Stephan Guten, MD, clinical psychologist and founder of Music Care explains.

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Reliance on general practitioners

To spread this innovation, the idea is to rely on general practitioners. “Music Care and Sanofi have chosen to join forces to develop and provide general practitioners with an innovative solution based on musical intervention sessions,” Send both companies. The goal is To improve the general pain management of chronic patients in addition to their pharmacological treatment.

Today, 19% of Europeans suffer from chronic pain. A figure that rises to 32% in France, with a noticeable impact on daily life: insomnia, professional absenteeism, depression, etc.

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