This animated movie is already leaving the platform, 6 months after it was released online

This American animated feature film was published on Netflix in early February, which has already won over many moviegoers, and will soon leave the platform.

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Take the napkins… On February 8th, I put Netflix online 2 heartsanimated movie Which has made his subscribers cry ever since. Directed by Lance Hall, this American feature film is based on true events in the life of Jorge Bacardi, heir to the Bacardi Rom fortune, and the life of a man named Christopher Gregory. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in two (very) beautiful love stories. If you haven’t watched it yet and want to fix it, hurry up, because 2 hearts He will be leaving the streaming platform on Monday, August 7th the next. This film has the perfect recipe for moving moviegoers: it preaches charity and hope and insists on the importance of letting those dear to us know how much we love them…

2 hearts What do viewers expect?

This feature film invites us to discover two love stories. First, there is one in between A 19-year-old student named Christopher (portrayed on screen by Jacob pinkespecially in The kissing booth) Medal (Tierra Scoffby), colleague. Meanwhile, Netflix subscribers are getting to know it Jorge (Adan Cantu), a Cuban exile who falls in love with a flight attendant named Leslie (Radha Mitchell). At first glance, viewers may be surprised, because this life takes place at different times and in different places. However, they will find itA terrible hidden link connects them

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2 hearts By: jacob pink is facing an enormous challenge

Last February, Jacob Elwardi gave an interview to the magazine us weekly, during which he elaborated on his role. The 26-year-old, from Pressman (Australia), revealed that he is facing a tough challenge, which is why he has put a lot of pressure on himself. “When I took on the project, I met Christopher’s family – they’re a really amazing family, and the movie became a real family particular, entrusted to the actor. It was a very personal story for them. […] We’ve had some really great experiences.”

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