Thirty immigrants trying to reach the United Kingdom have died

A boat carrying migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom sank off the coast of northern France on Wednesday.More than 20 died“According to an interim report issued by the French police, the first report issued by the Interior Ministry has been released.”At least five died and five were unconscious“.

My thoughts are that victims of missing and injured, criminal kidnappers are taking advantage of their grief and sorrow.This was stated by the Prime Minister of France Jean Costex in a message posted on Twitter. Home Secretary Gerald Dorman is expected to arrive in Galilee in the evening. For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a crisis meeting.

Worst play since 2018

This is a very dangerous tragedy in the wake of the channel’s rising migrant shortcuts in 2018, and the increasing lockout of the port of Callas and the Euro tunnel used by migrants trying to reach the UK. Prior to the sinking, three people had died and four were missing since the beginning of the year. In 2020, six people were killed and three were missing. In 2019, four deaths were reported.

“VAt 2:00 p.m., a fisherman said he found about fifteen bodies floating from the galley. According to a provisional report, a French naval ship recovered several bodies, including five dead and five unconscious.“The rescue operation continued until the end of the afternoon,” the Interior Ministry said.

Many casualties in the boat capsize in the English Channel were a strong emotion before the play. We can never say enough about the criminal nature of the kidnappers who organize these crossroads“, The Minister tweeted. The Dunkirk Attorney’s Office has announced that it will begin an investigation.”Assistance for irregular stay in organized group“And”The worst massacre“.

Crossing efforts have doubled

According to the Channel and the Maritime Province of the North Sea, three helicopters and three boats are participating in the research. Canal and North Sea maritime officer Philip Tutriax warned last Friday that efforts to migrate across the canal in small boats have doubled in the past three months. As of November 20, 31,500 migrants have fled the coast and 7,800 have been rescued, he said. A trend that has not abated despite the winter temperatures, he had noticed. According to London, 2,000 migrants passed through the first ten months of the year.

Philippe Dutrieux called the event “L.A.The cynicism of the organizations behind these columns throws immigrants into the water because it is a well-paid business.“London and Paris agreed to strengthen their cooperation in trying to stop these departures after tensions escalated following the arrival of 1,185 migrants on the English coast on 11 November, a record.

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