Thirty-four years after the Hillsborough tragedy, British police are apologizing

Terrible crowd movement at this Sheffield stadium on April 15, 1989, during the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, caused 97 deaths.

For what happened, as a senior police officer, I offer my deepest apologies. Police work got really badOn Tuesday, nearly 34 years after the worst tragedy in British sport, he admitted Andy Marsh, director general of the Police College, which unites the various police forces in the UK.

He added that the police had completely failed in their duty towards the victims. Police failures were the main cause of the tragedy and have continued to disturb the lives of family members ever since.

As Liverpool fans crowded the turnstiles as kick-off approached, security opened a door leading to their stand to relieve pressure. But the supporters rushed into an already crowded situation.

The crowd’s movement initially killed 94, pressed against the nets at the edge of the field, before two more succumbed. In 2021, victim number 97, who died 32 years after being seriously injured in Hillsborough, was officially recognized.

In 2017, a government-commissioned report made 25 recommendations for families to get justice. Of these, 11 are related to the police.

Five years after this report, police said on Tuesday that all police officers in England will sign a charter assuring they He must realize when mistakes have been made and he must not seek to defend the inexcusable.

Police officials today pledged to respond to any major incident with transparency and empathy for the affected familiessaid Martin Hewitt, one of the British police chiefs.

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For the families involved, this is not enough.

The apology, while welcome, does not indicate a change in the lawsaid a spokeswoman for Hillsborough Law Now, an association for the victims.

The group is campaigning for the creation of a file Legal franchise obligation to public authorities and officials.

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