These words were considered “discriminatory” from the United Kingdom to Quebec

Linguistic change is underway. In the UK, hospitals at the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex are working to eradicate the belief that language changes in maternity wards are “traditional transphobia”. Therefore, in the presence of a foreign or non-binary audience, midwives are invited to replace the expression “breast milk” with “human milk” or “breast milk”. The terms “father” and “mother” are changed to “parent” or “person” so that sexual expression does not offend individuals who do not match their gender identity. Because we have not stopped making progress, the “maternity service” is now called the “maternity service”.

In the document establishing the new language rules, these university hospitals evaluate ” Traditional birth descriptions and discourses currently include Biological Essentials and Transphobia. “Driven by good intentions, health professionals continue:” We strive to protect our trans and non-binary service users and health professionals from further harassment due to changes in the vocabulary. »

While these language adaptations are the first in the country, in France, some professionals fear importing these new standards. ” It’s about destroying natural things, this kind of linguistic change is happening in France, the changes in mood are going fast. Wor, Worries Delphine de Referols, midwife for fifteen years, in Paris. ” The current trend is to degrade individuals , She adds. If she explains how to embrace in front of a transgender, she refuses to change reality. And ends: ” Let’s keep this simple with real definitions .

Revised Civil Code

With our Quebec relatives, additional action was taken on January 28th. By the end of this year, the Quebec High Court has ordered the government to amend several articles of the Quebec Civil Code that are considered discriminatory against trans or non-binary people. Judge Gregory Moore, appointed by the government of Justin Trudeau, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and especially as a center for the fight against gender oppression. In fact, in his conclusion in English, the judge considered that the process of changing gender to civil status should be facilitated. In addition, the fact that civil status should not be limited to the “male” and “female” categories suggests another option … According to the High Court of Quebec, three articles of the Civil Code recognize the fact that a child like his “father” or his “mother” is not binary of this parent If realized this violates the parental right and equality. The concept of individuals should therefore be based on the notion of gender identity even within civil status. However, the idea seems vague.

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Quebec philosopher and feminist Rhea Jean * has been watching the growth of transgender demands in the country for almost 20 years. When he reads this conclusion, he is surprised: “ According to these activists, gender identity defines us and goes against the reference to sex. However, even the ruling of the High Court of Quebec does not define gender identity, except in a circular definition: “Gender refers to the gender that a person perceives internally” (paragraph 2). We still don’t know what it is! What does it feel like? Even if you do not know what it is, gender identity is an “unchanging attribute” (paragraph 106). ” To proceed: “How can factual information about the gender of people discriminate against trans or non-binary people? How can factual information carry elements of moral judgment?” Although the biology must be eliminated, finding the common one becomes a difficult task.

« So the body is fragmented, but the social fabric is fragmented. The person perceives himself or herself within the identity subgroups loosely defined by superficial concepts (non-binary, heterosexual, heterosexual, demiboy, etc.) », Rhea underlines the gene. According to her: ” We try to use pronouns for each of these identification groups, or at the personal request of each, we are forced to change the definition of words such as ‘female’ and ‘man’ to new words such as ‘cis’. . This is worrying because communication is broken. »

* Rhea Jean, “Disagreement in the Face of Current Discourse on Gender Identity”, Normand Belarusian (edition), Freedom under supervision: Some essays on speech within and outside the educational framework, Montreal, Lemack, 2019.

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