These white NFTs give the right to post anything on their Twitter account

NFTs that represent an egg are sold like hot cakes. This digital business gives owners the right to post anything and everything to a dedicated Twitter account.

rise of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) It has caused amazing projects to emerge. Recently, internet users have started buying NFTs that represent eggs. The initiative was launched by CAD (decentralized autonomous organization), which is an independent decentralized organization of Internet users who invest together for a common purpose, called tweet dao.

The concept is as simple as it is amazing. DAO . has been launched 1000 NFT represents eggs on the OpenSea platform. Individuals who purchase one of these digital eggs get the right to post anything on a dedicated Twitter account.

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NFTs representing eggs allow you to tweet anything

Concretely, they connect their digital wallet, labeled NFT, to the site. They can then upload all of their ideas to their Twitter account. There is clearly There is no limit to the content of tweets. We find in particular committed letters, meaningless letters and funny posts. The lack of moderation also prompted Twitter to suspend the account for a while.

However, “Each egg gives you the right to tweet from your account every day”. You will not be able to flood the account with your messages.“It’s not an investment, no big mission and no roadmap. It’s just an idea that sounded interesting”explained the netizens behind DAO on their Twitter account.

Strange as the concept is, the value of egg NFTs has It has risen since the launch of the project. Initially, each non-fungible token was offered at 0.1 ether, or approximately 320 euros. According to the DAO, the next series of eggs will be offered at prices around one ether. This cryptocurrency is currently trading at around €3,200.

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Note that running the project ran into a hitch. An error in the smart contracts used to secure the operation will allowRelease 10,000 eggs instead of 1000. “We don’t want to increase the number of people controlling the account to over 1,000”, explains DAO. To solve the problem, the individuals who will retrieve the eggs that were not supposed to be created will be specially compensated.

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