These fake install files hide malware

Hackers use fake Windows 11 installation files to deceive Internet users. These fake files hide dangerous malware that can flood you with ads or steal your passwords.

Fake installation files for Windows 11 It is currently circulating on the web, Kaspersky reveals in a report published on July 23, 2021. While Microsoft can easily download Windows 11 from its official website, many Internet users continue to retrieve installers from other sites.

These files often contain malware, such as spyware or spyware on a Trojan horse. Sometimes the files already contain Windows 11. Hackers have dragged some unwanted programs into it. In other cases, the program does not even allow the installation of the new operating system from Microsoft.

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Hackers use Windows 11 installer files to trick users

Kaspersky takes an example of the installation file called “86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activateator.exe”. This file has been widely shared by cybercriminals. Once you start up on your computer, a file will open. exe window “It looks like a normal Windows installation wizard”. Unfortunately, this dummy installer is mostly used Download and install another installer file. It will prompt for your approval by confirming that it wants to install Some advertisements from Microsoft. This will then drag the unwanted programs to your computer.

“These other programs can be very diverse.”, warns the company specializing in computer security. After investigation, Kaspersky discovered a private The adware is rather harmless. Concretely, this malware will bombard you with ads constantly. This method, common with Android malware, allows hackers to quickly make ad revenue الإعلانات

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More seriously, Kaspersky has also detected Trojans, which are malware that will take the appearance of a harmless program to spread attacks. Finally, the report also warns of dMalware capable of capturing passwords Web users. So we advise you to be very careful. for memory, Windows 11 should arrive on compatible PCs during October 2021.

Source : Kaspersky

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