“There is room right in the middle.”


More than a year before the polls, Xavier Bertrand decided to hurry. On Wednesday, the president of Hauts-de-France formalized his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election. A way for the former LR to get ahead of the ambitious other on the right, the one who dismisses any idea of ​​his country’s primary. Camp, but also to establish itself in the debate as the main opponent of Emmanuel Macron. But while Ifop’s latest survey for Marian Giving him only 14% of the vote in the first round, does former Labor Minister Nicolas Sarkozy have a political space to withdraw from the game? Yes, answers the political scientist Pascal Perino, called Sunday from Europe 1.

“There is room for the right in the middle, all the polls show that,” Pascal Perino asserts, noting that “the right and center forces have resisted well the last municipal elections.”

Macron refused Le Pen duel?

And if opinion polls show that Xavier Bertrand is still far from the announced duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, former director of Cevipof notes that “when we ask the French to position themselves in this left-right space, there are many more French people who put themselves on the right all the way to the center boundaries, than the French who put themselves on the left.”

For Pascal Perino, Xavier Bertrand could take advantage of the public’s boredom refusing to reproduce the year 2017. “The French, we tell them, ‘Here we are, we are heading towards a second round of Le Pen-Macron’,” but when you ask these same French people, they More than two-thirds tell you, “We don’t want to rewrite the second round of 2017, and it’s too reductive,” as the guest from Europe 1 insists.

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“Truth does not wait.”

“Yes, there is a distance between the national assembly and the republic in the march of the right and the moderate right,” said Pascal Perino, who warned that the right has no time to waste. And he remembers, “the electoral calendar is horrific, the regional elections have been postponed to June, and some talk about postponing them to a later time.” But he concludes, “The right cannot wait, otherwise the space will be occupied by others, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.”

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