“There is a very strong attraction in Quebec”: Marchand returned from his mission with woven economic ties

Bruno Marchand was looking for ideas for his city, but he also noted Quebec’s capital as a source of inspiration and popularity: “There is a very strong pull to Quebec,” the mayor released at the end of a 10-day mission.

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Monsieur Marchand bluntly asserts that, this assignment involved a “stupid schedule”. “But because I ask, because it should be profitable, we don’t waste time, we maximize the time to increase the number of meetings. We do this to learn, attract and radiate.”

One thing struck him during his meetings with mayors and corporations. “Quebec City, who it is and what it proposes to become, attracts. There is already a very strong attraction. People want to connect with us.”

Simplicity and warmth

According to him, it is the “simplicity, warmth and luxury” of Quebec that achieves its success.

The capital city is known for its social economy, parks and awnings, safety and cleanliness, and its strong employment sectors. He intends to use these arguments widely.

Mayors’ requests to take in Quebec City mounted. During the meeting of the International Association of Francophone Mayors, African counterparts showed interest in hosting it. The same in France and Belgium. Short of time, Monsieur Marchand expects to have to dismiss most of them.

Employment is also attracted to Quebec. “We have 10,000 Belgians who are interested in coming to work in Quebec. We must facilitate access for foreign workers,” he insists.

Among the gains made in his city’s mission, the mayor notes the meeting of several companies in Belgium and France. According to him, the fact that CEOs are receiving indicates an important consideration and interest in doing business in Quebec.

In Bordeaux, Namur and Brussels, he was also full of ideas for specific sectors. “How do you keep traffic flowing, but also protect pedestrians? It’s inspiring and interesting.”

important meetings

Meetings with the mayors of the Twin Cities are also important to him. Because it leads to economic and cultural cooperation. “Building relationships with these mayors is really good for the city.”

In addition, he is pleased to sign a cooperation agreement with Paris. This will open the doors to the many networks that the French capital can give him access to.


The discussions of the past few days have led to reflection on the follow-up to be given to the mission. It won’t be by summer, and Mr. Marchand hasn’t targeted specific places, but he has avenues in mind to explore.

He wants to strengthen ties with the Northeast, particularly through corporate support. Like his predecessor, Regis Laboume, he has noted how much the presence of the mayor opens doors for local entrepreneurs.

He also wants to be inspired by more new trends in the circular economy and the development of the cultural component, especially with Belgium.

3 task highlights

  • Discussion with elected officials of Bordeaux and their intention to consider the third phase of the tramway
  • Economic meetings with dozens of Belgian and French companies
  • Signing a friendship and cooperation agreement with Paris for the first time in 10 years

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