There is a ‘slow slide in the Lower League’ of the UK nations, Tony Blair warned

Sir Tony Blair has warned that Britain is on the path to a “slow decline to the lower league” as he has accused Boris Johnson of not having a consistent plan for government.

The former Labor Prime Minister said that without a radical change in policy, Britain would face a “steady and inevitable collective collapse as in the 1960s and 1970s.”

Sir Tony said whether Mr Johnson is surviving the Partygate scandal or not, the biggest problem on Downing Street is the lack of a plan for the future of the country.

Speaking at Imperial College London on Thursday, Sir Tony said, “There is a gap in the British government that there should be new ideas.” “He needs a plan,” he said. ⁇

The former prime minister also attacked the government’s attitude towards Brexit, saying that the desire to leave the EU had caused “significant” economic damage. “We can change our political and legal relationship with Europe, but not our interests or our geography,” he said.

Sir Tony added: ‘The government does not have a post-Brexit regulatory strategy, and it is allowing a passive deviation from EU rules, unnecessarily increasing trade spending and exacerbating the already significant Brexit economic blow. -Same. ⁇

The former prime minister said Brexit, the technological revolution and climate change posed unprecedented challenges that the government was “not wrongly prepared to face”.

Sir Tony said the government’s ‘Race to the Top’ plan had done little to clarify the real problems in the UK. “This slogan risks distorting the structure of the country’s problem. We face a national challenge – the whole country, not just the “left backward” areas.

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The former prime minister said during a question and answer session at an event hosted by Global Health Innovation that the party did not want to get caught up in corruption.

But he said: ‘Things were very different from the time I was on Downing Street and the way the government was run … no matter what happens – there is nothing I can do about it, it’s the Conservative and Conservative Party – the problem is the lack of a plan. ⁇

Former Labor leader Sir Keer Stormer praised the party for growing ‘happily with renewed vigor. [and] The efficient front seat of the “catastrophe of the Corbin era”.

He also praised the economic plan presented by Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, saying it “shows a healthy willingness to erase the memory of four consecutive defeats”: “It can provide the country with the plan it needs. As Khair himself acknowledges, that is the challenge for 2022.

Asked if Britain would like to join the EU in the future, Sir Tony said: ‘It is a political mistake to restart the whole argument – no matter how passionately I oppose it, you must accept it.

“But the thing to focus on … you need a relationship, we’ll turn it into a practical relationship. Let it work. You do not want a situation where your Prime Minister is not on good terms with European leaders.

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