There is a high demand for food distributors by restaurants in the Orange District

With the move into the orange zone, the gradual reopening of dining rooms means that there is a huge demand for food distributors these days. Restaurant owners must replenish their stocks all at the same time.

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Restaurant closures in November had an impact on food distributors.

With orders coming in from day to day, fruits and vegetables in eastern towns have had to check their inventories down, especially for perishable foods.

At Aliments Chicoine de Granby, calls from restaurant owners have followed each other over the past week.

A non-perishable food distributor, the company is also a meat manufacturer.

Its institutional clientele and the growing popularity of ready-to-eat meals have allowed it to maintain stability in its activities during containment measures.

With the regions of Montreal, Laval and Montergue remaining in the red for now, the needs will gradually increase.

In Aliments Chicoine as in Fruits et L├ęgumes de l’Estrie, the restaurant sector can account for up to 40% of sales.

We are happy with this recovery, no matter how gradual.

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