There are only a few weeks left to enjoy the best Bruce Willis movie on the platform

While Bruce Willis was forced to end his career due to health reasons, fans began to backtrack on his older films on platforms. One of them, arguably his best, is about to leave Netflix.

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For a year, bad news about Bruce Willis followed and resembled each other. “Since we announced a diagnosisLoss of ability to speak In the spring of 2022, Bruce’s condition has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: Mad fronto-temporalHis wife, Emma Heming, announced this past February. Before proceeding: “The difficulty of communication is not the symptome of maladie to Laquelle Bruce is confronted. in the next years.” In the following month it was a member of his family, his cousin Wilfred Gilliam, who spoke in columns picture to give news.

In the shoes of a Butch Coolidge boxer

“His movements are very slow, with constant aggression. He is no longer able to carry on a normal conversation. This behavior is typical of patients with the same disease.”This was explained to the German media, Wilfried Gleim, last March. In the context of the 68-year-old actor’s forced retirement, his fans are consoling themselves by looking back on his past successes. among them, crystal trap (1988) The first episode of the epic extremist. six years later, He blew up the screen Pulp Fiction. Film is not recommended for children under the age of 16 on Netflix, which he’s leaving on May 31. Therefore, the platform’s subscribers have until the end of the month to (re)discover this legendary movie. As boxer Butch Coolidge, he shared the poster with John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman. Dream cast sponsored by Quentin Tarantino.

Pulp Fictionand was awarded at the Cannes Festival and at the Academy Awards

whether Pulp Fiction It is considered by many to be the best movie by Bruce Willis, because he was able to captivate the audience and critics. The feature film has already been received there Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay the following year. In 2007, the American Film Institute (AFI) voted it the 94th best American film of all time. Rumor has it that Bruce Willis would have preferred to have the main role in the movie played by John Travolta. But Quentin Tarantino denied this hallway noise. “We legit Bruce Willis. Reservoir dogs It was great at the international level, so everyone was waiting for my new movie. And then when my new movie was with Bruce Willis, they just went crazy.”the director confided in an interview with Vanity Fair.

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