There are only a few days left to watch this movie about a football star that the French adore

Football players are also entitled to watch their movies. This is the case of one of the great French players of recent years. It even has the privilege of being visible on Netflix. But it won’t last. The movie leaves the platform on March 20.

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There are only a few days left to see him make our hearts shake off the field. After March 20, it will be necessary to watch all the matches of Atletico Madrid to find this enthusiasm. The documentary Antoine Griezmann: World Champion, which was released in 2019, is leaving Netflix on this date. We owe it to Alessandra Sublett this documentary that was made on the occasion of France’s victory in the 2018 World Cup. He met host Antoine Griezmann in 2017 during another project, Griezmann Confidential, broadcast on TMC. For the Netflix movie, we find Alex Dell directing. He is also behind a documentary on French judoka Teddy Rainer, released in 2016. In Antoine Griezmann: World Championis based on images from the 2018 World Cup as well as archive footage of the French player.

Antoine Griezmann: Unpublished testimonies

Because the purpose of the documentary is to discover in more detail the path full of dangers of the person who became an outstanding striker within the France team. We also hear valuable testimonials from his family and friends, as well as from France’s coach, Didier Deschamps. When we go back a little bit in his history, we understand how Eric Olhats discovered young Griezmann, who was 14 years old, when he was working for Real Sociedad club in Spain. The film contains an interview with the man who was a longtime sports advisor to the player, who has now become the target of numerous complaints of sexual abuse of a minor.

Football in the documentary

This film about Griezmann is far from the only documentary filmed about the players of the France team over the years. After the World Cup in Qatar, in 2022, TF1 created the documentary Thank you, Blues. It included exclusive footage from The Worlds, in two parts, broadcast in December 2022. It is still available to MyTF1 Max subscribers. As for Netflix, the platform has already announced a behind-the-scenes World Cup documentary to be released this summer. The chance to discover unpublished photos of this competition where France shone once again.

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