There are no lawsuits against Tiger Woods but questions about his sporting future

Golfer Tiger Woods will not face trial for dangerous driving after his accident, but the severe leg injuries he underwent surgery cast doubt on the 45-year-old’s ability to return to the professional ring.

He said in a statement on Twitter that “Al-Nimr” suffered from “multiple open fractures” in his right leg, which required him to insert a metal bar into the leg and screws to strengthen the foot and ankle bones. Tuesday near Los Angeles at length.

The text adds, “He is awake, aware and resting” in the hospital, without specifying how long he will be in the hospital or even any long-term consequences for his mobility.

“If he comes back as a golfer again, I think it really will be extraordinary,” former British professional golfer Nick Faldo said Wednesday.

For Faldo, Tiger Woods will have to focus on his physical recovery first, and a return to career paths “definitely will take a long way,” he told CBS.

For him, the lifetime of the hero risks further complicating this process. “It’s really hard to play at age 45 when you’re faced with kids who are only 25,” he notes.

Northern Ireland golf champion Rory McIlroy of Florida has reacted to the prospect of one day seeing Tiger Woods playing in professional competitions: “He’s not Superman.” “He’s a human. He’s been through a lot already. At this point, I think we should be thankful just because he’s still here, alive,” added the 31-year-old.

For him, “Golf is not part of the equation right now.”

According to the policeman, who discovered the injured hero but was conscious in his car, which was badly damaged, Tiger Woods “was very lucky to make it out.”

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A black box on the plane?

Tiger Woods capsized multiple times Tuesday morning after apparently losing control of his car along a steep and collision-prone stretch of road near Los Angeles.

No other car was involved, according to the first elements of the investigation, and the hero would not be prosecuted for “dangerous driving,” the county mayor, Alex Villanueva confirmed.

The investigation, which may last several weeks, will focus on determining the “cause of the accident.” At worst, it could be “Careless driving, which is a crime; however, dangerous driving is more than just a crime, it is a crime defined by a large number of elements and there is nothing like it here,” Alex Villanueva explained.

Investigators hope they can rely on data extracted from the vehicle driven by Tiger Woods, which is a luxurious and ultra-modern model. “We hope that it is equipped with a black box and that we have information about the speed that could have played a role in this accident,” Al-Sharif said.

The day before, it had been estimated that Woods was traveling at “relatively higher speed than usual” over a segment limited to 72 km / h (45 mph), specifying that no sign of braking had been observed.

Sheriff Villanueva confirmed on Wednesday that “there is no evidence” at this stage indicating that Tiger Woods was driving under the influence of drugs, drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Tiger Woods was in the giant California city because of his sponsored tournament, the Genesis Invitational, which wrapped up last weekend.

He recently had back surgery, for the fifth time, and on Sunday he said he was unsure about playing Masters in April. The Champion has won 82 PGA Championships in his career, and tied with legendary Sam Snead (1912-2002).

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His nearly unparalleled record includes 15 Grand Slam titles, three less than his mentor Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods (Eldric Woods civil) largely dominated the championships between 1996 and 2008, giving his sport a notoriety that far exceeded its usual fan following.

After a slump in his private life, including revelations about several fornication affairs, Woods was able to return to the top before collapsing again, and has serious back problems.

He had fueled the news department again by arresting him, asleep at the wheel of his car, under the influence of a drug and antidepressant cocktail one evening in May 2017 in Florida.

He did not return to al-Khader until January 2018, after several failed attempts and four back surgeries, including an arthrodesis, a painful fusion of the vertebrae.

In April 2019, Tiger Woods was once again successful with winning the prestigious Augusta Masters Award after an unlikely win. Count.

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