“There are many sectors where we are late,” Judge Hillary Clinton in an interview with France 2



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The former US Secretary of State, Wednesday, responded to Anne-Sophie Lapix during her visit to Paris as part of the Generation Equality Forum.

Hillary Clinton estimated Wednesday, June 30 in the newspaper “France 2” at eight o’clock in the evening “Progress” It was made in terms of gender equality, but that’s there “Many other sectors in which we are lagging behind” Such as “Politics” or “Economy”. The former US Secretary of State, in France for the Generation Equality Forum, answered Anne-Sophie Lapix’s questions.

The former presidential candidate also reconsidered her defeat to Donald Trump, arguing that “take a lot [l’ancien président] as entertainment”. “People were fascinated, but after four years in the Trump presidency, they realized that the White House needed someone who cares about the real issues.”

The politician took advantage of her interview to salute the career and election of Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States and the first woman to hold the position. Regarding “far ceiling” Hillary Clinton Answers The Presidency You Couldn’t Break Hopes make it happen “So”.

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