There are better than chimney fire videos on Netflix: chimney fire videos with The Witcher

If nothing happens right by the end of 2021, there will still be chimney fire videos the magician.

You may not have been aware of this, but Netflix offers on its SVOD platform the popular videos that you can find on YouTube. However, the American Service pushed the Underworld to go so far as to present this format in series form, with the first season of fireplace in your home No action was taken, however.

Warm atmosphere in Kaer Morhen

By searching on Netflix we can see that There are definitely others, which is very similar to fireplace in your home. It was not counting 2021: the podium decided to dust off the genre a bit, this time by providing a fireplace, but adding a somewhat special atmosphere: the magician.

The opportunity was too good to be missed: the second season of the series was released in mid-December. She is wonderful.

What does Netflix offer us?

For those who know the Witcher world, We find in the decoration of the video this somewhat medieval atmosphere, with a kind of enormous fire pit in the center of the screen, Its outline has been worked out with sufficient precision so that we can distinguish an animal – possibly a wolf – encountering a type of snake. The sight of a wolf would make sense, because the hero Geralt of Rivia is associated with this school.

Aren’t we okay over there, by the fireplace? Huh, Geralt? Can you stop shaking? How about the Christmas spirit? And this good fire? // Source: Netflix

The video obviously makes it sound like it’s in Kaer Morhen, the famous castle where sorcerers like Geralt, Vesemir, Lambert and others go to recharge their batteries after their monster-hunting adventures across the continent. Kaer Morhen can hardly be called a cozy nest, as the building turns into ruins year after year.

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Unlike other burner videos, the one on the topic the magician Not only does it provide a healthy environment that combines the breath of flame and the crackling of wood under the influence of combustion. Soundtrack for a TV adaptation the magician It is also broadcast during the hour of the video, with few interruptions.

Of course, the video, which arrives in the holiday season, when the cold is firmly in place and the night is early, also serves as a promotional tool for the Netflix series. After all, it’s time to release the kind of content that is quite satisfying to watch and listen to, if you don’t have a real hearth of light.

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