Then, this Stephen King adaptation became a huge hit on the platform

Found footage horror movie was recently added to the platform Among the top 10 most watched films at the moment. The film, released in 2007, is based on the novel by L King Stephen.

Stephen King, Master of Horror

A true mainstay of the horror genre, Stephen King’s novels have been the subject of many Film adaptation. If all achievements are not equal and some feature films should remain only in novel form, others turn out to be real nuggets, Very like celebrities Well, he’s back. The Clown has terrorized an entire generation and is a classic of big screen horror. Another remake appeared with the name that (2017), which was met with critical acclaim, as was its 2019 sequel, Darkroom.

shining It is also one of the most famous and greatest successes of conditioning Thanks largely to the positive reviews. But let’s take a closer look at the feature film Room 1408newly incorporated into the catalog Netflix. If it hasn’t been too young since its release in 2007, it’s currently enjoying great success with subscribers of the video-on-demand service.

in the top 10

In fact, it currently ranks as the fourth most watched movie of the moment. The program tells the story of Mike Enslin, author of horror novels Who absolutely does not believe in paranormal stories. For him, it’s just entertainment. He will quickly realize that room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York where he is staying is far from an ordinary room. He will learn itMany people have tragically lost their livesAnd he, too, is in danger.

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The cast includes first-rate actors, namely John Cusack as the protagonist. Samuel Jackson He is also part of the cast alongside Tony Shalhoub and Mary McCormack. Based on a short story by Stephen King published in 1999, The master of horror is inspired by Coronado, a luxury establishment located in San Diego. In 1892, a young woman was found lifeless. Since this tragic event, the room is considered haunted.

Cherry on the cake This, chapter 2 It is also one of the new products in the catalog and ranks fifth The site of the most watched programs at the moment.

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