Them’s Fightin’ Herds – Pony Pony Run

New Versus Fighting is always an event, for us Xbox owners, often sidelined by competitive exclusives. We had everything in terms of fighters: robots, plasticine figures, Star Wars characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, girls in shorts, but not yet female characters from a world close to “My Little Pony”. What’s it worth in the meantime, Leviathan of 2023: Street Fighters 6?

Straight from the crowdfunding campaign, this project comes from the world of Lauren Faust, character designer for the new “My Little Pony” animated series. Their Fighting Flocks (TFH) are clearly surprises. First with its name, it is completely unpronounceable and memorable for the average Frenchman. Secondly, by his concept, the fight with ponies, rhinos, donkeys etc. is baffling. Third, with quality graphics, animation and digital sounds: great work from the small Mane6 team.

No, it’s not a Borderlands stallion Luke.

The game modes are the most classic for casual players of this genre: Arcade, Local or Online Vs, Training or Tutorial. Nothing revolutionary. Note that the tutorial is very good for beginners in this type of game: learning combos, guarding, jumping…

I went down the mountain on horseback…

The handling of the game consists of 4 buttons in SNK style but while playing we feel some love from the developers of Arc System Work. One button per hit strength (light, medium, strong) and one magic button. Simple as hello and not so much because the game is more technical than it seems at first glance. It is close to the combat periods of Capcom, SNK and Arc with different gameplay mechanics: Fury bar in 3 stages such as Street Alpha, Dash, double back à la SNK and super jump à la Arc. Now the famous question arises: who is this game for? For fans of Vs or our cherubim? Personally, I don’t think of either because fundamentalists would prefer a more mature game and at the same time, it’s too technical for our kids. It is clear that fine details and manipulations based on a quarter circle or 180 degrees will go through.

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Story mode…Kawa

As I outlined above, Ryu and other rookies Terry Bogard will be disappointed with the rickety content of the toaster: 7 characters in all and for all. Donkey, rhinoceros, cow, llama, sheep… Monsters with thick hair but will make hardcore players hair with their number. Perhaps there is little hope of seeing this content expanded in the next update? Also, with human characters, it’s very easy to see the range or length of the hit. In this case, the funny animation but completely in WTF does not allow us to know where and when our attack will hit the opponent and this is frustrating.

An attack that didn’t leave him cold

However, the online game uses the latest innovation of this type: Rollback Netcode in order to reduce the latency between different connections and have a close to local confrontation on the couch. Add to this a well thought out lobby / waiting room with a 2D environment. Capcom and its future Street Fighter 6 must take the seeds.

The internet room that allows you to wait and choose your opponent

More than a nice story mode with a close fit of J-RPG makes Them’s Fightin’ Herds a good game but it seems hard to sell and sustain due to its poor content and choice for long term marketing objective. It’s a shame because the game, from its concept, was more than promising.

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