Theme parks: These new features are waiting for visitors this summer

After two years of struggle due to the health crisis, between closures and strict protocols, the theme parks are under the sign of renovation this summer. While these entertainment sites collect about 65 million visitors each year in France, according to the Gulli channel, which devotes them to a new documentary series, there will be many new features this season.

From Parc Astérix to Disneyland Paris, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, via Futuroscope, Vulcania or Puy du Fou, new or completely renovated attractions and shows will delight families, whose enthusiasm is still the date.

Disneyland Paris opens its own Marvel universe

While that Disneyland Paris Celebrating its 30th anniversary since March 6, a program full of surprises – a new parade, an unprecedented drone show, new Mickey and Minnie costumes by Stella McCartney – will open the Seine-et-Marne campus on July 20 at Marvel.

A new area dedicated to Marvel superheroes that will give access to new attractions, such as Spider-Man WEB Adventure (photo above) and will allow you to meet Spider-Man, Iron Man or Black Panther. The park declared it “unique”.

Futuroscope treats hurricanes

2022, the year of grandmother in Futurescope. An attraction, a hotel, a restaurant … the scientific site established in 1987 does not stop. After the opening of the new Station Cosmos hotel last May, with the design of a space base and the new Space Loops restaurant, which revisits the concept of roller coasters with dishes served through the rings, poitevin park opens on July 2 with an all-new immersive attraction.

Unique in Europe, this new adventure called “Tornado Hunters” combines LED screen, super action platform, special effects and live action, and will confront viewers with a tornado about to hit Poitier and the Futuroscope. Accompanied by two worlds, they will have to stop him.

Parc Astérix is ​​innovation and innovation

The famous Gaulish park located in Oise this summer is betting on the reopening of the popular Tonnerre de Zeus 2 attraction last April, which was completely renovated after several months of work. Asterix Park Which also closed the dolphinarium permanently last year, launched on June 4 at the Poseidon Theater a new show, “Les Plunges du Lomb”. This amazing diving competition takes place between Greeks and Romans every day.

From July 14 through August 28, the Gulua, a joyful dinner straight from Goscinny and Oderzo comedies, with a wild boar on the menu, is back in the village (reservation required), not counting it in This time the park is open until 10 pm.

Le Puy du Fou: a new show to celebrate its 45th anniversary

This year, the Vendée Garden celebrates its forty-fifth anniversary. While that Boy de Vo Continuing to evolve internationally – now with a site in Spain and a project in the US by 2024 – the French garden celebrates this anniversary by rethinking the scenography of the legendary Gallo-Roman stadium.

This 7,000 seat arena is undergoing a renovation and will host a new version of the unmissable gladiator show “Le temps du triomphe”, with a completely changed stage. Two other events will feature these festivities at the start of the school year, on September 16, “Will-o’-the-Wwps Night,” a fireworks display that will bring together the world’s three leading professionals in the field, and on October 8 and 9, “Step Giants,” Night lights a torch across the garden.

Vulcania celebrates its 20th anniversary

the garden Vulcania It celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. Despite how much the site has suffered, with last February’s fire of what was supposed to be a brilliant novelty for 2022 – the XXL Planetarium whose opening has been postponed until next year at best – Auvergne’s leisure and learning park dedicated to volcanic activity and natural phenomena celebrates this year .

In the program: a new mobile game “Which hero are you?” , to find out via animation whether you have the soul of an explorer or a scientist, and two more nights, bringing the number of days the park closes in 10 days to twelve. Evening, with the Dragon Time fireworks display to end the day. It should also be noted that last year Vulcania opened an earthquake-themed family attraction: a roller coaster called Namazu, voted European 2021 Best Attraction.

Sea of ​​Sand: The spirit of the wild west is renewed

sand sea, a park dedicated to the world of the Far West, also plays the grandmother’s card. In addition to the family attractions, the location between the dunes and woods in Ermenonville, Oise, has opened a new show called “Lightning and Powder shot” that combines humor, stunts and special effects, against a backdrop of West City’s heartfelt history.

The park will also celebrate the first anniversary of the Silver Mountain family’s coaster, which in one year has become a favorite attraction for its visitors.

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