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The “Winter Holidays for Young People aged 11-17” program in the Youth Space of Thex Nyialo got all the votes: the youth space recorded a record occupancy rate (93%). Some activities have seen a storm, such as the Manga Course for which a second session was held.

Children between the ages of 11 and 12 were the most numerous during this period. Friends Emma and Miles (11) chose four activities together: Netflix Breakfast, On-Screen Switch Games and Sports Challenges, Raclette Panini Day along with the Urban Challenge and Loup afternoon. Garou Board Games.

Lucas (10 years old), for his part, preferred escape, karting, and Werewolf afternoon games.

Nicholas, aged 15, a fan of board games: “Everything,” he said, “Classics and the Others: It’s a way to meet people.”

Collecting waste and archaeological activities on the topic of the environment during the Environmental Citizen Day. (Youth Space for Pictures)

A breath of fresh air

For this activity, the team chose mini party games rather than board games (Galerapagos, Nessos, and Picto) to complete the Loup Garou part, role-playing games were organized. On Wednesday, Brian and Amelie, the teachers, solve the youthful Werewolf game before forming two teams of twelve. “We are playing a role: we no longer know who and who is lying who tells the truth; in the game, you no longer have friends. It’s easy to cheat but there are rules: We don’t cheat, we respect other players.”

Director Mikael Jose stressed that “the animation games work very well, the werewolf but also the ones for which we prepare ourselves, the team games, such as the Panini Raclette-Urban Challenge Day, the Waffle Party, and the Eco-Citizen Cycling Day;” We are reinventing ourselves. .

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In conclusion: “Young people have real needs to share social time, it is a breath of fresh air. We thanked the parents for programming.”


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