Théaux works in the United States, and she’s back in France

Adrien Thieu, victim of a severe fall in training at Copper Mountain ahead of the North American World Cup qualifiers, confirmed on social media that he had recently returned to France.

Adrien Théaux approached his family. On November 15, skater Val Touraine suffered a severe fall during practice at Copper Mountain, with dire consequences. In fact, the Super-G bronze medalist at Vail-Beaver Creek Worlds in 2015 has fractures to his left elbow, right leg as well as his right ankle. ” After making a mistake in Super-G I went straight to the protective net and stopped in the woodsThe Frenchman said in a message published on his official account Instagram This Wednesday. However, in my misfortune I was very fortunate given the circumstances, Nothing vital is touched upon and that is the most important. »

Adrien Théaux ran as fast as possible in Copper Mountain, as the French team was preparing for their first warm-up of the season, staged in North America, and recently managed to make their way back to France. in his message, Adrien Théaux welcomes the intervention of the French team doctor. « I also had the opportunity to get direct on-track care by our “genius” doctor to whom I owe so much and who accompanied me throughout this journey, even bringing me home. The 37-year-old skater, who was preparing for his final season on the World Cup circuit, was added.

A season in which Adrien Théaux ensures that” The lights were all green, the sensations were very good and the lap times too ». The skater philosopher assures us that ” It is the strict law of life, high-level sports, and even more, where the slightest mistake has disastrous consequences and puts us out of play for a long time. ». emphasizing that ” Physical pain passes slowly Adrien Théaux assures us that You still have to accept what’s going on » when it’s time” Reconstruction “He who will have to” Look for other careers while getting used to your skate ».

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